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Gates will be closed when your Riders Briefing commences and all entering venue after that time will be charged gate admission.

  • Vehicle Access to the Pits will be closed after Briefing each day- access will reopen later in afternoon-under Event Co-ordinators direction.

  • All vehicles arriving after briefing will park in designated parking area.

  • Sunday Riders – free gate entry on Saturday will be permitted after 2.30pm- but access to Pits closed – will reopen later in afternoon between races under Event Co-ordinators direction.

  • This is a Safety measure being taken to eliminate traffic behind the Start Gate and over Bridge area.

  • Saturday riders will receive 1x free gate pass for Sunday following Saturday’s race programme.



You can enter online here:

Race Days

28th – 29th January 2023

Woodville Circuit


You can download an entry form here:

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